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Claremont Courier 2006

"A Courier employee (and Sammy Hagar confidant) had a wonderfully educational and uplifting (snicker, snicker) experience there recently. She reports that the owner and staff were extremely knowledgeable with the dilemmas of the well-endowed woman and that requisite fitting, consultation, and subsequent recommendations were done with discretion and professionalism. And the resulting purchases are perfect and tres comfortable. To every woman reading this--if your question whether or not your foundation is doing you justice, run-don't walk-to The Bra Lady."

Elaine - Redlands, CA

"Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I now have the best fitting, most comfortable bra I have had in years.

I can now wear a very expensive blouse that had never fit properly until I was fitted professionally at The Bra Lady."

Christine - Kernville, CA

"Wonderful experience, I'll be back!!!"

The Garcia Sisters

"My sister and I never new we were missing out, until we walking into The Bra Lady. The staff was so informative, professional and personable. Thank you for helping us see and appreciate our "true" assets"


"Thank you Bra Ladies (and Sara, the seamstress, who is some kind of magician, I swear -  or maybe an engineer."


"Thanks for the joy of seeing my daughter, Tammy smile when you fitted her properly for the first time in her life.

Tlyna, Corrina, Kaia and little Sammy

Don't change anything. We love it! And we love your caring expertise too."

Emily and Michelle

"We had so much fun with our fitter. We learned a lot and our breasts never felt better, perkier and in control"

Amy-Lynn - Texas

"I can't help but recommend you to every woman I know! You make these "post – children" girls look good again! Thank you.

P.S. The wish list is a great idea; I can order my bras by phone and have them shipped to me."


"Thanks so much for all your help. It's amazing how much better my back feels with a properly fit bra. And alterations "on the spot", as part of your service. You guys are great! I look forward to future visits."


"Dear Bra Lady, this store is so fabulous! I love how it is decorated, so cute and feminine – especially the black dresses, used to divide the fitting rooms. The ladies are so sweet and helpful. The seamstress is a miracle worker. You definitely have a market for your products and services. Good luck and thank you for such a great experience."

Denise - Highland, CA

"I had a great experience; I knew I was wearing the wrong size. Answer to my prayers."

Nicki Ruddy of Rancho Cucamonga

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful store you have. I enjoyed my experience very much, and will recommend you to my friends.....not to mention that I'll be coming back too! Everyone in the store is so sweet and helpful. I had such a pleasant and relaxing experience, which is unusual for me while bra shopping. I usually have such a hard time finding my size, but everyone at your store made it so easy for me! Thank you, again, very much. I look forward to many more years as your customer."